Look around at the roofs in your area and chances are you'll see the fair majority will have cement somewhere on them. Cement work, or in other terms "wet work" is what holds certain systems in place on your roof to prevent water ingress. Cement is great for securing Ridge on the top of your roof or ensuring protection along your Verge (side). Cement is used in other important areas of your roof also; such as your Valleys, Chimney Stacks, Abutments and even sometimes your Roof Flashings, otherwise known as 'Fillets'.

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Your ridge line is probably the most important part of your roof, as it's where water hits first and works it way downwards. If there's exposure on your ridge line, then the water can only go one way... inside your home!
It's important to keep your ridge maintained, and a fine way to do so is re-bedding them using mortar.
The ridge are removed and a fresh bed of mortar is laid tor the ridge to then be replaced. There is the cheaper alternative of "re-pointing" your ridge which consists of just running new mortar over the existing cement, but this is a temporary fix and requires a lot of maintenance.

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Your cement verge is there to protect the side of your roof from driven winds and driven rain, as well as from certain pests entering. The majority of homeowners with cement verge will more than likely of found bits of cement beneath the verge and/or hanging from the side of it at some point. This is due to the constant battering of weather it receives, as well as birds finding it a comfortable area to nest in. 
Therefore it is vital to ensure the verge is secured at all time and a common way to do this is by raking the existing cement out and re pointing it with fresh.

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Against popular belief, mortar in between your bricks is not indestructible, it will require maintenance every now and again. The best way to do this is by grinding it out using a mortar raking blade and mixing a big bucket of your finest cement. This service is something that we offer on both chimneys and ground brickwork. All done to an exceptional standard.