Your Fascias, Soffits and Guttering are a very important system which fix on to the bottom of your roof,

otherwise known as your 'Roofline'.  At Cestria Roofing we always remind our customers the importance of keeping their roofline well maintained; this system serves an extremely important role of keeping your roof efficient and water tight:

· Support your tiles/slates which holds your roof structure and allows correct water flow

· Prevent water ingress from occurring into your brickwork and loft space

· Funnels water into your underground drainage system

· Ventilates your loft space

· Prevents foundation disturbance from gallons of overshot water

· Cosmetically adds value and kerb appeal to your roof  

There are a wide variety of options to chose from when picking your roofline materials, from different depths of guttering to different coloured Fascias. All can be customised to suit your preference and


. Keeping your Fascias regularly maintained prevents a number of issues such as:

· Water ingress into your roof space and brickwork.

· Slipped roof tiles/slates

· Guttering falling out of alignment leading to pooling

· Birds, Bats and Pest access

· Eye Sore Roofline

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