Every 1-3 years the cement work on your roof will need to be maintained. This is due to cracks and decay which appear throughout your “wet system” due to inevitable weathering which can not be avoided. This maintenance requires repointing of verges, ridges, valleys and chimneys…
This type of work can accumulate quite a cost in just a 10 year period (scaffolding, labour, waste removal, running costs etc… every 2 years)
You’re also presuming that work carried out is to a regulated standard; Unfortunately this is not always the case, with over 20% of cement work falling out within the FIRST YEAR due to cheap products used and incorrect knowledge of how to carry out works.

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A “Dry Ridge System” is a mechanically installed system which fixes in to the top of your roof and covers the top row of tiles. It completely eradicates the need for cement and it only needs to be installed ONCE and will last you over 40 years. The design is beautifully stylish and gives your home a more modern appeal.  These are the benefits of having a dry system installed:

  •  Quick and easy installation

  •  Huge labour saving costs

  •  Dramatically increases roof lifespan

  •  Leaves a maintenance free finish

  •  Stops water penetration

  •  Stops wind uplift

  •  Permanently secures  ridges on roof.

  •  Protects the most vulnerable parts of the roof.

  • Allows natural movement of the roof



A "Dry Verge System" is a maintenance free, mechanically fixed system which attaches to the side of your roof (otherwise known as the gable end).

Having this system installed eliminates some of the most common problems which are found in and around your roof space. Such as;​

  • Maintenance free, mechanically fixed into timber. No more cement falling out of the ends

  • Birds unable to nest in your soffit/loft during the spring

  • Prevents driven winds and driven rain damaging the edge tiles

  • Cosmetically pleasing and modern kerb appeal

Dry Verge Cestria Roofing