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Flat Roofs are still a common feature in the UK. They are simply designed with your chosen material upon a particular Sheet Timber, usually Plyboard or OSB. These materials are  supported by your Joists underneath which span the length of two walls. Most of the time, depending on the location of a Flat Roof, these joists are boarded and plastered, making it quite difficult to check the condition of the boards towards the end of their life. Getting a repair done on your Flat Roof is definitely an option, however once you start noticing wear and tear on your flat roof (ie, blisters, cracks and peeling) it's probably about time to look for a new alternative.  
Cestria Roofing have a dedicated Flat Roofing Division employed specifically to install the material of your choice. The 3 most popular options are also the highest quality options and our team have collectively installed thousands in their experience. 
All Flat Roofs come with a 10 year warranty  



This is sometimes referred to as "Torch on" as it requires a blow torch to generate the right amount of heat to fix to your boards. Typically it’s applied as a 3 layer system usually consisting of a perforated underlay, a 2mm underlay layer, then thick 4-5mm felt . It is certainly the most short lived material, normally lasting around 15 years if it's been fitted correctly. It is still highly popular as its the cheapest option and does the job its designed to do.

• Wind, Rain and UV Protected

• Breaks up sunlight to keep cool interior • Cheaper cost for materials

• Life expectancy 15-20 years 



EPDM is a synthetic rubber which is the more modern and popular approach to Flat Roofing. It's extremely durable due to it's natural contraction and expansion qualities and has an expected lifespan of around 50 years. Its virtually maintenance free and doesn't require any heat to install. It can easily be cut down to size to give you that perfect fit on your roof so it's more pleasing on the eye. All of our EPDM roofs are fitted with black PVC roof trim as standard.  

• Completely weatherproof

• BBA Certified

• Contracts and Expands with weather leaving no wear and tear (blisters, cracks, wrinkles)

• Doesn’t support moss growth

• Easy to clean

• Simple installation process

• Life expectancy 30 - 50 years

• Cosmetically pleasing 



GRP, commonly known as 'Fibre Glass' is highly regarded for its simplicity and safety, The installation is a mix between Resin, Fibre Glass, Mating Agent and Hardener; while the finished product it produces is recognised as having a lifespan of around 50 years if correctly maintained. PVC roof trim fitted as standard 

• Completely weatherproof

• Has no seams  

• Extremely durable and solid

• Very easy to repair and clean

• Flexible to complicated roof shapes

•  Life expectancy 30-40 years

• Cosmetically pleasing

• Maintenance free

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